A Woman’s Place

As I get a little older, my hindsight increases, and I can see life patterns. Some patterns are bothersome—maybe not to the extent of ranting or disrupting fellowship, but words are needed.

One such pattern is the ongoing discussion of women and their roles in the local church. In society and history, feminists sought education, careers, equality, and even independence. At times they disparaged women who sought a career in the home, or those who enjoyed cooking or sewing. Women at home criticized their sisters as reckless, harmful to the family unit, masculine, and emasculating. Instead of women offering salt and light to the world, the negative behaviors encroached on the Church—some denominations leaning too far one way, some leaning too far the other.

A woman’s place is wherever she is ministering with her gifts. Respect for the woman called to minister to infants in a nursery should equal the respect for the one called to mission in teaching. One is not more Biblical than the other. Cover your head, or don’t cover your head. Speak from the pulpit or do not speak from the pulpit. Disagree or agree. But do so with respect and the expectation of learning from  one another–not the gossipy asides, condemnation, or jokes at the expense of others.

The following video might begin some dialogue.

Posted by Alice Longaker

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