It’s Not Too Late


Artists are alchemists–turning the ordinary into gold. Writing, painting, music are creation acts. The artist is recreated by the experience, and then readers, watchers, listeners, gazers become renewed.

In creative moments, we are ageless—old and wise and making things new. Since the act of creating something, anything, is timeless, daily moments of life become adventures.  Memories weigh as priceless—the past is in the present, and in the future. Retirement is not “the end.”

“I’m too old” is something we tell ourselves keep from facing the challenge of being a beginner. Anyone can tell themselves they’re “too something.” “Too young” to have enough experiences, “too busy” to have time, “too stressed” to take the time, “too late.”

At age 76, Judy Collins gave 150 concerts and used her time on the road to write a book. Georgia O’Keeffe worked steadily into her 90s. I am writing books for the first time in my life. I could not have done so any sooner because the writing needed a mature writer.

Every person is creative. Every person has the power to make small, seemingly insignificant moments blaze in color or form or sound or word. Now is the best time of all.


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