Farther Along

Farther along we’ll know more about it,
Farther along we’ll understand why…

So begins an old hymn that holds a promise that Someday we will understand about suffering, questions, and temptations. Meanwhile, that day seems far away. But is it? While  bound by mortality, limited in insight, and distorted by sin, we can yet catch glimpses of what Eternity will look like. This life, now, is part of Eternity too. Time and mortal bodies will one day perish, but we will not.

Consider how you have changed since believing in Santa Claus or believing  that your sibling (now a best friend) was the worst person on the planet. You understand more…farther along. With maturity you learn that “Bumper Sticker Theology” holds little comfort and that the fastest answer is not necessarily correct. You learn that being righteous is more important than being right. You learn those things through maturing in time, personhood, and faith.

So we journey together in reaching out to understand. We journey together in order to encourage one another: “Get up! Don’t stop now!” We journey together in maturity fraught with human foibles. Welcome to this online community of women, as we attempt to move a little father along.

“Farther Along” words and Music frequently attributed to W. B. Stevens although some sources attribute lyrics to W. A. Flet
Posted by Alice Longaker